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Mana~sama…….SINGING?! Yes indeed he contributed... | Lustre Philharmonique

Bienvenue! Yuki desu! Ni hao ma? I blog aaaall the Asians! Haha! Maybe not all but any I find need to be on Lustre Philharmonique! I insist you take a long stroll through my bed of roses here! Beware of funny or supporting things on here. If you expect solely Visual Kei and such, well then prepare to be disappointed! There's so much more! Have fun in my world! Bon chance!

Mana~sama…….SINGING?! Yes indeed he contributed his voice in a song. Though it was electronic and such for the song. But the fact that he was saying entire long sentences was just so beautiful. (;A;) I’ll post the video if you’d like to see/hear.

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